Alice Meredith

Culture & Labor Strategist | SPHR | CCMP |
Leadership Author and Speaker

Alice Meredith is a highly sought-after speaker and culture strategist. She is passionate about helping her clients cultivate cultures of change and belonging. She is an SPHR and CCMP accredited expert with over 30 years of senior-level leadership experience in Corporate America.  She humbly shares that her leadership skills were refined and defined through continual learning and growing from both mistakes made and by following the example of leaders who inspired and believed in her. 

She has pioneered multiple innovative leadership techniques that support leadership effectiveness, all of which are highlighted in her 20+ popular leadership courses.

Alice’s in-person and virtual speaking engagements resonate with leaders from diverse industries and are inspiring, action-oriented, and interactive. Her ability to connect with her audience makes her an invaluable resource for business leaders looking to elevate their change capabilities and enhance cultures of belonging. Her clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. She has been featured as a guest speaker for companies such as Costco, Salesforce, Starbucks, Edward Jones, and T-Mobile, to name a few.

Alice’s commitment to her career and family is remarkable and truly inspiring. As a dedicated professional, she has been able to successfully juggle the daily demands of her work while also raising a large family. In addition to her three biological children, Alice took on an even more impressive task when she and her spouse adopted three more children, doubling her family overnight. This experience has given her unparalleled insight into the need for balance between work, home, and personal life. She is well-versed in managing numerous responsibilities at once and is deeply appreciative of the rewards that come from having such a full life, making her an excellent role model for many others looking to do the same

When she’s not working or strategizing with her clients, Alice can be found enjoying classic rock concerts and exploring the great outdoors with her family and friends.

Despite the many demands on her time, Alice remains committed to helping working parents find a healthy balance in their own lives, drawing on her own experiences as a working mother to offer relatable and realistic insights.


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