Leadership Courses

Alice’s courses are inspiring, action-oriented, and resonate with leaders from diverse industries all across the globe.

Leadership Courses

Alice’s courses are inspiring, action-oriented, and resonate with leaders from diverse industries all across the globe.

I recently watched your leadership training course ‘Establishing Goals, Roles and Guidelines’ on Pluralsight and found it extremely insightful and valuable on a professional and also personal level. It has encouraged me and restored my confidence in my own personal leadership style and values. I’ve consumed a lot of content on the Pluralsight platform and your content was definitely some of the most engaging. 

I recently started a new role at Dell and have been assigned to watch one of your Pluralsight courses. As a working woman and mom, your stories were inspirational. Thank you for this training and for uplifting others by sharing your experiences – K. Lopez

Thank you for creating the “Embracing Change: Staying Agile in the Midst of Change” presentation. You did an excellent job. I typically find videos dull, but yours kept me engaged. Your examples were great and I appreciated your delivery -B. Singh

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Minimizing, Navigating, and Resolving Conflict During Change

This course will teach leaders how to best minimize, navigate, and resolve conflict that comes when leading a team through change.

Change Management: How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

This course will teach people leaders how to avoid common mistakes and improve their change leadership skills. Attendees will learn how to recognize and address challenges such as establishing a culture of change and managing the impact of change.

Building a Successful Change Strategy

Continual change has elevated the need for all people leaders to ensure their change leadership approach is relevant for today’s ever-changing environments. 

Becoming a Change Leader

In this course, you’ll learn key leadership behaviors and skills that inspire and motivate others towards successful and sustainable change.

Leading Change: The Head, Heart & Hands Approach

This course introduces leaders to the head, heart, and hands leadership model that enhances leaders’ ability to support both their business and the team during change

Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

This course is designed as a resource to help leaders in the work of building more diverse and inclusive cultures.

Understanding & Counteracting Conscious & Unconscious Bias

In this course, we take a deep look into what bias is, where it stems from, and the harm it can cause to others.

Work Life Balance: A New Perspective

Skills and techniques shared are designed to help everyone find a stronger balance between all their life responsibilities.

Embracing Change: Staying Agile in the Midst of Change

This course, ‘Embracing Change: Staying Agile in the Midst of Change,’ will equip you with the skills necessary to become more agile, flexible, and open to change. This ability is crucial for remaining relevant in your profession and business environment, as change seems to come at us from every direction.

Establishing Goals and Guidelines for Teams

In this course, “Establishing Goals, Roles, and Guidelines for a Team,” you will gain the knowledge necessary to effectively lead a successful team. First, you will learn how to set strategic goals that align with the company’s objectives. Next, you will learn how to establish clear roles and responsibilities for team members, and how to support team goals. Finally, you will learn how to align roles within the guidelines to ensure team members work effectively together. After completing the course, you will have the skills to help your team understand company, team, and individual goals, and how to achieve them, linking the success of a team to those goals.

Generational Leadership: Adapting to Changing Workplace

In this course, “Generational Leadership: Adapting to the Changing Workplace,” you will learn how to adapt your work environments to attract and retain top talent. The course will begin by providing insights into the Millennial generation. Then, you will explore how and why your work environments need to evolve to support future organizational success. Finally, you will discover how to effectively adapt to the changes taking place in your workplace. By the end of the course, you will understand the importance of being a generational leader and building an inclusive environment, which is crucial for improving team and organizational success.

Cultivating Your Personal Strengthens using Gallup Tools

This course, “Cultivate Your Professional Strengths Using Gallup’s Research,” will teach you how to rely on your strengths to interact and work effectively with others. First, you will learn about how individuals and companies use Clifton’s Gallup studies on human strengths to achieve their highest potential. Next, you will learn that the studies prove the key to high achievements in individuals, teams and organizations is to focus on developing strengths, rather than trying to improve on areas of weakness. Finally, you will learn how these concepts can be used to build stronger teams, more united organizations and a more successful and satisfying life for each individual who embraces them.

Rallying Around Diversity & Inclusion by Improving Your Generational Prespective

This session is designed to help leaders rally around diversity and inclusion by increasing their perspective of each generation.

Prioritizing & Distributing Work in Teams

This course, “Prioritizing and Distributing Work in Teams: Get the Most Value by Doing the Work that Matters,” will teach you the skills necessary to effectively distribute and manage work among your team members. First, you will learn about the benefits of distributing and prioritizing your team’s workload. Next, you will explore four different prioritization techniques that have been proven to be effective for teams worldwide. Finally, you will learn how to evaluate and assess your team’s execution of their work, and how to connect responsibilities to the appropriate team member to avoid burnout and stress.

Change Management: Formulating a Strategy 

This course, “Change Management: Formulating a Strategy,” will provide leaders and sponsors with the essential concepts and tools needed to navigate the rapidly changing business environment and successfully transition their organizations to a desired future state. The course will begin by examining the importance of creating a communication strategy that ensures all stakeholders understand the rationale for change. Next, you will learn about various approaches for developing a learning and development plan that supports all those impacted by the change. Lastly, you will learn how to define a measurement and sustainability approach that ensures the targeted outcome is reached.

Change Management: Developing the Plan

This course, “Change Management: Developing the Plan,” will equip you with the skills and techniques necessary to develop a change management plan that effectively addresses change in the workplace. First, you will learn about the key components of an effective change plan. Next, you will learn about the importance of collaboration and integration with other teams in order to achieve successful implementation of change. Finally, you will learn how to evaluate and monitor performance to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved.

Change Management: Executing the Plan

This course, “Change Management: Executing the Plan,” will provide you with the tools and skills to successfully implement change in your organization. First, you will learn how to align resources, strategies, timelines and communication to ensure a smooth implementation. Next, you will learn how to train and manage the learning process of your team members to gain the necessary skills and competencies to execute the change. Finally, you will learn how to measure and adjust the change management plan to maintain momentum and achieve optimal results.

Influencing without Authority: Becoming an Agent of Change

In this course, “Influencing without Authority: Becoming an Agent of Change,” you will learn how to become a more effective change agent, even if you do not have formal authority in an organization. You will learn key skills and techniques for influencing others to bring about positive change in the workplace.

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