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Alice is a highly popular leadership development expert, speaker, and author. She is known for her engaging and dynamic speaking style and has a passion for sharing proven strategies that ensure sustainable growth, enhanced team performance, and positive employee engagement.

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These resources are aimed at helping individuals and organizations adapt to changing environments, build inclusive cultures, and enhance leadership skills.
“To stay competitive and maximize career success in our rapidly changing work environments, we must continually challenge ourselves to acquire new skills, sharpen existing abilities, and do away with old skills that have become obsolete,” encapsulates the essence of these learnables​

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Change-ready cultures require agile mindsets, engaged employees, and leaders who inspire action.

This 3-part learning session motivates and empowers teams to thrive in ever-changing work environments.
Each session comes with pre-work, postwork, and free resources to be shared with all attendees.

Embracing Change

Becoming Agile in the Face Change

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become more adaptable and responsive to the needs of your ever-evolving work environments

Navigating Change

Overcoming the Challenges of Change

Learn how to navigate your ever-evolving work environment by exploring tips and techniques in four essential skills that will elevate your change capabilities.

Influencing Change

Becoming an Agent of Change

Develop skills to become a more effective change agent by improving self-awareness and collaboration while exploring credibility-enhancing strategies.

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Ever-changing work environments require teams to continually adapt
and evolve.

Elevating one’s Learnability Quotient (LQ) elevates the ability to thrive amidst constant change.

Elevate Your
Learnability Quotient

How to Remain Relevant, Adaptable, and Proactive in the Face of Rapid Change.

This learning session comes with pre-work, postwork, and free digital resources to be shared with all attendees

Engaging Leadership Courses

Alice’s courses are inspiring, action-oriented, and resonate with leaders from diverse industries across the globe


Managing Conflict Best Practices


Embracing Change: Staying Agile in the Midst of Change


Building a Successful Change Strategy


Prioritizing and Distributing Work in Teams


Generational Leadership: Adapting to the Changing Workforce