Building a Successful Change Strategy

Pluralsight Online Leadership Course

Course Info

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 28 Minutes

Hosted By: Pluralsight


Due to our ever-changing environments, all companies will be or already are in a constant flux of change as they battle to maintain relevance in their industry.

In this course, Building a Successful Change Strategy, you’ll learn the importance of cultivating a culture of change and learn ways to prepare your team(s) for continual change.

First, you’ll learn an evolutionary, three-phase change strategy blueprint.

Next, you’ll discover how to prioritize what matters most and simplify the leader’s approach to change.

Finally, you’ll explore an organized step-by-step approach to ensure leaders find success with all their change initiatives.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have knowledge of a new people-focused approach to change and an innovative change strategy blueprint to help guide your work in leading change.

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