Leadership Approaches to Cultivate Continuous Learning
Alice Meredith
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As a tenured leader and HR professional, I understand the challenges of fostering a culture of continuous learning, especially when time and resources are limited. In this article, I explore practical strategies that connect to specific benefits and share real-life examples of how leaders can bring each idea to life. By embracing these strategies, we not only inspire a desire for continual learning within our teams but also lay the foundation for building change-ready cultures. Let’s dive in!

Utilize Small Segments of Pre-Allocated Time

By utilizing small, pre-allocated time segments within your regularly scheduled team meeting time, you can foster personal growth and enhance communication skills.

Example: Start each business meeting with a 10-minute teach-back session. Delegate topics, recommend podcasts, or assign chapters from relevant books. This practice not only encourages continuous learning but also helps team members gain experience in facilitating and speaking in front of others.

Utilize Already Created Tools and Resources

By utilizing pre-made tools and resources, we can save time and leverage existing knowledge, empowering our team members to learn and grow.

Example: Tap into pre-made short workshops and mini soft skill training available online. Platforms like Pluralsight offer a wealth of resources for both soft and hard skill development. Identify key takeaways from TED Talks or podcasts and prepare short teach-back sessions to share with the team. During performance reviews, recommend specific resources to support areas of improvement, fostering growth in a targeted manner.

Encourage Knowledge Sharing

Creating opportunities for knowledge sharing within our teams cultivates a culture of shared learning and inspiration.

Example: Incorporate knowledge sharing into icebreakers by having team members share a learning nugget from their week, whether from a book, podcast, or work experience. Additionally, invite executive leaders to join meetings or calls, allowing them to share their learning journeys and inspire the team through their experiences.

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Relentless Pursuit of Self-Improvement

Employ Mentorship, Reverse-Mentorship, and Apprenticeship Programs

By implementing structured mentorship, reverse mentorship, and apprenticeship programs, we can foster personal and professional growth within our teams.

Example: Implement mentorship programs that require commitment from both mentors and mentees. Consider introducing reverse mentorship programs to foster cross-generational learning and bridge knowledge gaps. Additionally, create in-house apprenticeship programs where employees shadow colleagues from different departments, expanding their perspectives and gaining valuable insights.

Ideate and Create Designated Events and Opportunities

By ideating and creating designated events and opportunities, we stimulate collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving within our teams.

Example: Revitalize the tradition of lunch and learn sessions. Use these gatherings to brainstorm and collaborate as a team on common challenges or concerns. Consider inviting guests from other workstreams within the organization to encourage casual interactions and cross-functional learning. Seek insights from team members on how leaders can better inspire everyone on the team to invest in their personal development.

Ingrain Learning in Your Hiring Process

By incorporating learning discussions into our hiring process, we foster a learning culture and attract candidates with a growth mindset.

Example: During interviews, discuss the organization’s commitment to learning and development. By doing so, we not only appeal to candidates who value continuous growth but also position our company as an employer of choice.

Building a change-ready culture starts with fostering a learning culture. By incorporating continuous learning into our leadership approach, we not only empower our team members to grow and develop but also create an environment that welcomes and thrives on change.

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The journey to creating a learning culture will present challenges. Overcoming these obstacles will usher in a transformation that fuels not just individual growth but the collective success and resilience of the organization. Stay committed to your passion for incorporating learning into day-to-day interactions with your team, and I promise your dedication will soon yield significant returns.

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