Alice Meredith

Culture Strategist & Consultant
Leadership Author & Speaker

Leaders who build cultures that embrace diversity, equality, and inclusion and are skilled in leading change are leaders that will ensure their company not only survives but thrives in our ever-changing and increasingly competitive global environment.

Virtual and In-person Learning Session Topics

  • Defining and Refining Change Leadership Capabilities
  • Navigating, Resolving, and Minimizing Conflict During Change

  • Cultivating Change-Ready Cultures

  • Leading Change: The Head, Heart and Hands Approach

  • Embracing Change: Staying Agile in the Midst of Change

  • Become More Agile in the Face of Change by Developing Your Learnability Quotient

  • Generational Leadership: Adapting to the Changing Work Environment

  • Influencing Without Authority: Becoming an Agent of Change

  • How to Build a Continuous Learning Environment in your Organization and Why it’s Important

  • Professional Development: The Value of Defining and Refining Your Hard and Soft Skills

  • Change Management: Strategizing, Developing, and Executing a Change Plan

  • Rallying Around Diversity and Inclusion by Improving your Generational Perspective

  • Understanding and Counteracting Conscious and Unconscious Bias

  • Contributing to a Culture of Belonging

  • Imagine a Culture of Inclusion (Interactive Ask Me Anything *AMA* Session)

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