Understand and Counteracting Conscious and Unconscious Bias

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Level: Beginner

Duration: 59 Minutes

Hosted By: Pluralsight


Studies in human behavior show that all people are hardwired to have a bias.

This course, Understanding and Counteracting Conscious and Unconscious Bias is designed as a resource to help organizations and communities build more diverse and inclusive cultures.

First, you’ll take a deep look into what bias is, where it stems from, and the harm it can cause to others.

Next, you’ll learn to differentiate between conscious and unconscious bias and learn why we have it and where it comes from.

Then, you’ll discover skills and techniques to help counteract the bias within everyone to ensure all humans are respected and valued for their unique differences.

By the end of this course, you’ll have learned skills to help you become more inclusive in your communication, behaviors, and interactions with others.


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