Work-Life Balance: A New Perspective

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Level: Beginner

Duration: 1 Hour 3 Minutes

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Due to advancing technologies and being connected 24/7, the definition of a typical workday is always changing. As this continues to evolve so will our approach to finding a positive work-life balance be ever-evolving.

In this course, Work-Life Balance: A New Perspective, you will learn skills and techniques that are designed to support every level of employee from the CEO to the entry-level position find a more improved work-life balance.

First, you will learn the value of prioritizing time for yourself to ensure you yourself are in balance.

Next, you will learn the value of time ownership. Techniques are shared that help you avoid the small things that seem to eat away at our precious time.

Then, you will learn the importance of improved personal engagement in both your career and personal responsibilities, and the return you receive back for investing increased personal energy in this space.

When you’re finished with this course you will have learned techniques, that if implemented, will help you find greater success in our places at work and within our personal lives.

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