Alice Meredith

Culture Strategist

Helping leadership build change-ready and engaging cultures.


Environments where no one culture, race, belief system, lifestyle, age,
sexual orientation or, gender is superior to another.

Alice’s teachings are inspiring, action-oriented, and resonate with leaders from diverse industries all across the globe.

As a Senior HR Professional (SPHR) and a Change Management Leader (CCMP),
Alice uses her experience, skills, and innovative concepts to help leaders cultivate cultures of inclusion and change.

Alice has pioneered multiple innovative concepts and techniques that support and enhance leadership effectiveness.

As a Senior HR Professional and a Certified Change Management Leader, Alice has pioneered multiple innovative concepts and techniques that support and enhance leadership effectiveness. She is a skilled facilitator, speaker, and content creator and has published thirteen dynamic and engaging leadership courses based on her own leadership learning experiences, working inside fortune 100 companies. 

Now, after 25 years of leading and supporting high-performing teams within Corporate America, she is passionately committed to her work helping leaders refine their change leadership capabilities to enhance their cultures.

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Live & Virtual Leadership Trainings

Result-oriented leadership development comes through inspiring confidence, proclaiming encouragement, and providing tools needed to move teams forward.      -Alice Meredith

Diversity, Inclusion & Equality


Understanding Conscious and Unconscious Bias

Identifying and Counteracting the Bias Within

Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

Creating Change Ready Cultures


Staying Agile in The Midst of Change

Prepare for Unexpected Change by Living a Life of Planned Change

Cultivating a Culture of Change

Leading Change: The Head, Heart and Hands Approach

Building a Successful Change Strategy

Leadership 101


Establishing Goals, Roles, and Guidelines

Becoming an Influencer of Change

Understanding Workplace Conflict

Managing Work Place Conflict

Lead Through Your Strengths

Prioritizing Work Loads

Share your nuggets of learning


“The human connection deepens when we hear of those whose life experiences cross similar paths to the paths we walk. One who has felt the pain of discrimination is stirred to do all they can to ensure no other has to endure the hurt they felt. A single parent juggling a career and a family yearns to learn how others in similar situations manage. As people come together and share their learnings from their own life experiences, all can benefit and find greater success on this journey we each call life.”           – Alice, lifelong learner

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